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ERLC's Collaborative Leaders Communities

Target Audience

By Invitation Only - District Leaders, Advisory Contacts and/or designated Instructional Leads

About this learning opportunity

ERLC is hosting collaborative leaders communities (CLCs) to bring district leaders (and/or designated instructional leads) together to build the leadership capacity of the group, provide opportunities to leverage expertise in our regional network and in some instances, will be collaborating to develop resources and tools that will be of benefit to all districts.

Ideally, district leaders (e.g. directors, consultants, and instructional leads) attend CLCs.  In order to be a fully participating member and get the most from CLCs, each member should have a district-level perspective of teaching and learning, be aware of current practices in the district, be knowledgeable about district goals and identified areas of need as well as have some expertise in the targeted focus area to bring to the table. In turn, districts benefit when their participating CLC members have sufficient authority and avenues to pass along any new knowledge, resources and tools identified and/or developed by CLCs.  

It is anticipated that most CLCs will meet 3 times during this school year. Members attend as their schedules allow.

Districts/schools are responsible for any costs for members to attend these CLC sessions.

Overview of the first meeting:

Determine the focused professional learning topic(s) for this year.

Explore opportunities, build relationships, and consider new ventures.

Recognize, create, or act upon shared resources and information.

Establish dates and times for future meetings.

Co-create agenda for next meeting.

CLCs without a targeted focus will discuss at the first meeting what type of collaboration would be of most value to them. A handful of CLCs will continue collaborative projects and conversations started in previous years and a few others identified a targeted area of collaboration for this year at the fall District Contact meeting.

An agenda will be shared as we get closer to the date.

CLC Sessions Currently Open for Registration

Inclusive Education (IE) & Mental Health (MH) - Nov 27, 2020 Register
Inclusive Education (IE) & Mental Health (MH) - Feb 26, 2021 Register
Inclusive Education (IE) & Mental Health (MH) - April 16, 2021 Register
Inclusive Education (IE) & Mental Health (MH) - May 28, 2021 Register
EdTech CLC - Nov 4, 2020 Register
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment CLC - Feb 10, 2021 Register
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment CLC - March 19, 2021 Register
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment CLC - May 14, 2021 Register
FNMI CLC - Nov 4, 2020 Register
FNMI CLC - April 13, 2021 Register

CLC Workspace

The purpose of this area is to help groups work together to learn, try and apply new strategies. We invite you to join your group, comment on group discussions and share your ideas and resources.