Creating Communities of Practice

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Are you looking for a professional learning strategy that goes deeper? That addresses issues that matter? That builds authentic connections and commitment?

Built on solid research and sound adult learning pedagogy, communities of practice offer a personalized approach to professional development, creating authentic opportunities for K-12 educators to collaborate with others and improve outcomes for their students.

Creating Communities of Practice is a new web-based resource that supports the development, implementation and evaluation of current and future communities of practice, and explores how this powerful professional learning strategy can be used to:

  • cultivate collaboration
  • grow knowledge, and
  • share learning and best practices.

Based on the experience of Alberta educators, this engaging and easy-to-use resource offers information, strategies, templates, and examples to support school and district leaders, professional development providers, and educational consultants who want to create and support effective communities of practices.

Explore Creating Communities of Practice and find out how to put this powerful professional learning strategy to work for you and your learning community!

“Communities of practice provide a new model for connecting educators in the spirit of learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration…” ~ Cambridge, Kaplan & Suter