ERLC Celebrates Education Week

Photo: Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

We are pleased to announce that we have received over 300 impact story entries in celebration of Education Week!

We asked you to share the the impact of your new learning on your teaching and/or students after attending an ERLC professional learning session. There are a lot of amazing stories and we thank you for your participation.

We salute you for making a difference in your students’ lives.

The three winners of the $250.00 Staples gift card and their entries are:

Carly Axani 
Eastern Edge RCSD (Sherwood Park)
Inclusive Education, Literacy
Attending Linda Burkhart's recent session has really kicked my butt into jumping head first into the world of AAC. Since the workshop, I have provided inservices to teachers, parents, students and educational assistants on AAC. I have a much more parent/teacher friendly way of describing the WHY of AAC and I am really looking forward to trialing a few programs with a couple of my complex students and seeing growth!
Kristin Nelson
Edmonton Public Schools, Oliver
First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI)
I have been able to experience some paradigm shifts that have greatly impacted how I view and treat children. The philosophies presented to me were relevant, thoughtful, and make sense to me personally. I have begun to incorporate the Circle of Courage into my teaching philosophy, remembering the importance of teaching the whole child and not just to the mind. I am interested in bringing the Circle of Courage to my classroom as a learning and behaviour policy. The idea of inter-generational trauma helped me better understand the children in my school and classroom. I have been able to share this knowledge with colleagues to offer them a new perspective on some of the behaviours they deal with.
Stacey McAllister
Edmonton Public Schools
Keheewin School
I believe the strongest impact of my learning at the ERLC has been the reflection I have done on my professional practice and philosophy of teaching. I have spent more time thinking about how I am integrating technology and the role it has on student learning. I am considering how the skills and processes in the program of studies can be addressed through the use of technology. I am reflecting on how student engagement with the curriculum often is optimized when I incorporate technology in a meaningful way. I have spent a lot of time thinking critically about the skills 21st century learners need to have in order to be successful. I believe a large part of that can be addressed with technology; however, I am also seeing that we need to consider how technology is affecting the social development of our students. To summarize, the ERLC has given me knowledge and perspective to help me think critically about my professional practice.