“Uplifting Leadership” with Dr. Andy Hargreaves... “uplift those we serve by uplifting those who serve them!”

Photo: Dr. Andy Hargreaves “uplifted” over 190 principals, assistant principals and other leaders at Barnett House in Edmonton on May 13, 2015.

Dr. Andy Hargreaves' engaging professional learning session “Uplifting Leadership” focused on learning about the factors that his research has found to uplift people and their organizations:  

  • Identify and articulate an inspiring dream that is coherently connected to the best of what the organization has been before.
  • Pursue that dream at a sustainable pace without squandering resources, incurring excessive debt or burning people out.
  • Forge paths of innovation and improvement that others have overlooked or rejected.
  • Monitor progress by using metrics and indicators in a mindful and meaningful way.
  • Build teams that naturally pull people into change rather than pushing them through it.

Through interactive and creative protocols, Dr. Hargreaves also suggested appropriate actions to support these factors that could be applied immediately in the workplace. Through stories, humour, self reflection and professional dialogue, the participants deepened their understanding of what it means to “uplift those we serve by uplifting those who serve them”.  

At a very busy time of year for leaders (many of them had budgets due the next day), Dr. Hargreaves kept everyone captivated and motivated throughout the entire day!