Math Processes – Supporting 21st Century Learning


Have you checked out the high school math courses on the ARPDC Learning Portal recently? We are in the third year of our project with classroom teachers (Stephanie Mackay, Candace Ketsa, Colin Veldkamp, Lareina Rezewski and Ben Luchkow) sharing resources and ideas for Math 10C, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2, and 30-3. Not only are course outlines, lesson ideas, assessment tools and cool math apps being shared, but the teachers also have their thoughts and reflections on how some of these ideas worked in their classes. 

Mathematical Process are not new to math teachers, we have 7 of them in our math curriculum and these processes are vital to supporting both numeracy and engagement in our students (a huge tie in to the Ministerial Order). To support teachers in their work on these processes, the ARPDC Math courses have a section dedicated to the 7 Mathematical Processes with links to lesson ideas and curriculum connections. For this current year, the math demo teachers are focusing on engaging problems, assessment for learning and the idea of TRANSFORM, so please check out the ARPDC Learning Portal math courses for new information.