Learning Coaches: One Alberta Model

Photo: The team of Learning Coaches who reveiwed the site.

Learning Coaches (who may also go by titles such as Instructional Coaches, Consultants, Lead Teachers, Literacy/Numeracy Coaches, Technology Integration Facilitators, and the like) are education professionals who collaborate with teachers to choose and implement research-based interventions for the betterment of student learning.

Inclusive education PD resources includes multiple resources to support learning coaches – including new videos focused on Literacy and Numeracy content coaching. Based on requests from the ERLC region, the Instructional Coaching Team from Black Gold Regional School Division No. 18  developed a website https://sites.google.com/site/learningcoachesonealbertamodel/ to share research based strategies, tips and reflections on their process of creating and operating a learning coach program.

The website  is separated into five distinct sections, each addressing one aspect of the coaching experience. 

  1. Defining your coaching program
  2. Building and maintaining school partnerships
  3. Planning with teachers 
  4. The coach's role in implementation
  5. Reflecting on and sharing successes and challenges

The Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium thanks the team of learning coaches who reveiwed this site and offered valuable insights for this resource.

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