PD Resources to Support Implementation of Curriculum Redesign

Photo: Inspiring Education and Curriculum Redesign

Through the Inspiring Education dialogues, Albertans identified a vision for the future of education where all students are inspired to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit. This vision sets the direction to work collaboratively to transform our education system.

ERLC is developing online PD resources to support the capacity building of teachers and leaders for these new implementation initiatives. The resources on the ARPDC Curriculum Redesign Wiki were developed through a grant Alberta Education to the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and Alberta Regional Consortia and are freely provided in support of these initiatives. You can also access ERLC regional team members to support awareness and understanding of “Curriculum Redesign”. Please email us at info@erlc.ca for more information.

The Education Act, along with the Ministerial Order on Student Learning// (#001/2013), will guide the development of curriculum. These form the foundation of Alberta’s education system.

Curriculum Redesign is one of the initiatives helping to bring the vision of Inspiring Education to life. It is an opportunity to review Alberta’s provincial curriculum to ensure it is engaging, relevant and enables students to reach their full potential.