District Consultations - Connecting the Dots

This fall, seven advisory committees met to collaborate, network and dialogue about supporting teacher/system capacity for implementation.  Over 80 district representatives were engaged in sharing their district updates and involved in providing advice and direction to ERLC about learning opportunities design. (e.g. what catalyst/strategic one day learning opportunities would best align with their district plans). Previous meeting summaries and upcoming meetings are archived at http://www.erlc.ca/programs/advisory_committee.php (neat dots on the front page of this section where advisory committee members answered the question “what matters most in adult learning for students’ sake”).

These meetings provide an opportunity to connect the dots as district sharing allows for lateral capacity when common areas of focus are addressed and connections are made amongst passionate educators who are working hard to support human capital for their school authority.

Advice and direction is most often received from advisory committee members (teacher or district leader/curriculum coordinator representatives), participant feedback from sessions and education stakeholders. We also rely on provincial stakeholders' direction and leadership, represented by the consortium board. Most programs are based on grants from Alberta Education to support implementation - with this year's grant focusing on “Curriculum Redesign”.

Programs are based on the most up-to-date PD literature as well as Alberta resources such as A Guide to Comprehensive PD Planning and A Guide to Support Implementation – Essential Conditions.