Learning Technologies in the Classroom

Photo: Use of technologies can increase teachers’ capacity

Inspiring Education supports a vision of success for every student in an inclusive education system. Achieving this vision requires focusing on the learner, and leveraging technology to support the creation and sharing of knowledge. In today’s classrooms, a wide range of technologies are also creating new options for differentiated instruction and for the inclusion of students with disabilities.

The information on this site http://www.learningtechnologiesab.com/ located at http://inclusiveeducationpdresources.ca/ is for teachers, learning coaches, and others who want to know more about how educational and assistive technologies can support students in their classrooms, by addressing questions such as:

  • How can different technologies support student learning?
  • What types of learning tasks can these technologies support?
  • Which particular students would especially benefit?
  • How do I choose the right technology?
  • What do I need to consider in my instructional planning?
  • How do I monitor and assess effectiveness of the technologies?
  • What does the research say?