Results, Results, Results

Photo: Based on grant dollars from Alberta Education, district leaders approve the plan to support Math implementation for the ERLC region.

Based on the role of ERLC learning opportunities are designed and delivered based on consortium goals, board members directions, grant deliverables,  and school authorities guidance and regional needs.
Reports about results achieved based on the consortium structure that allows for a coordinated and collaborative approach can be viewed at (e.g. ERLC regions Implementation Support Plan 2012-13, Implementation Support Report 2011-12)

Overall results state that there is a high degree of satisfaction with the service provided. (i.e. quality of learning opportunities, cost effective, support for implementation of curriculum and initiatives based on instructional and assessment strategies, support for PD leadership capacity and emerging needs). As we wish to continually improve please let us know how we can continue to be “Partners in Adult Learning for Students’ Sake”.