Support for Administrators of French Immersion Programs

Photo: Resource Development Partners (ARPDC, Alberta Education, ATA le Conseil fran├žais and ERLC)

Over the years, jurisdictions within the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) region and French Advisory Committee members have expressed the need to provide support for administrators of French Immersion programs. Based on Alberta Education’s document "Handbook for French Immersion Administrators", a resource package and a workshop has been designed to support implementation.

Alberta Education, the Alberta Teachers Association, le Conseil français (Specialist Council of the ATA), and the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia have collaborated to develop this professional development resource that is now available to access at ERLC French PD Resources.

"Support for Administrators of French Immersion Programs" includes a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying Facilitator Guide. This resource package is designed for use by those who facilitate adult learning and who may wish to share that learning with French immersion administrators. The materials are not intended for self study but are available for access if self study is preferred. Online learning opportunities (e.g. webinars, camtasias) for administrators to access at any time, from any place and at their own pace. The PD package provides information on the following themes:

Session 1: Ten (10) things All French Immersion Administrators Need to Know

  • A half day, face to face session, includes PPT and a Facilitator Guide

Session 2: Creating an Immersion Environment In Your School

  • On-line, 1-hour webinar with PPT

Session 3: Supporting Teachers and Parents

  • On-line, 1-hour webinar with PPT

Session 4: Finding Resources

  • 30 min. recording