Happy New Year (of Learning) in 2012–2013

Photo: ERLC District Leaders June 2012 Consultation

Zone 3 district leaders met in June to provide advice and direction to ERLC around PD design and focus. 

Direction is based on district teachers’ identified needs, district goals, Alberta Education grant deliverables and knowledge of promising instructional and assessment practices for the Alberta context.

Districts’ identified areas of focus for 2012-2013 and our regional compilation include: Inclusive Education, Literacy, Leadership and Learning/Instructional Coaching, Quality Teaching (Innovative Instruction, Technology Integration, Project Based, Critical Thinking, Assessment), Mathematics and  online PD resources. Grants from Alberta Education to support implementation will subsidize PD design and delivery. Over 100 learning opportunities are posted at ERLC Programs & Sessions.

The ERLC website has gone through a “face lift” based on research on use and updated protocols. Please continue to provide feedback about improvement ideas as well as if the site is meeting your needs and providing ease of access to learning opportunities – both in person and online.