Mathematics Professional Learning

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As a result of emerging needs and requests from teachers, some of whom are finding it difficult to leave their classroom to access PD, ERLC has designed a new way to access learning that includes the promise of accessing adult learning from your own space, pace and when you are able.

Classroom mathematics teachers of Math 10C (Colin Veldkamp of Edmonton Public), 20-1 (Stephanie MacKay of Edmonton Catholic) and 20-2 (Candace Ketsa of St. Albert Catholic) will be creating lesson/unit plans, assessments, timetables and resources for the mathematics classes they are teaching and posting these on the ARPDC Moodle Site. They will share how they are implementing new math programs and invite further sharing and collaboration from others also teaching the same course. Please check the ARPDC moodle site at under Math Demo Courses to participate and to find out about other demonstration classes across Alberta. To access the site you only need to enter a username and create a password.

The ERLC is pleased to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities to all teachers implementing the new mathematics curriculum. Check out "What's new?" in the mathematics section of Programs and Sessions to get more information on the demonstration classes, the mathematics regional team and, of course, upcoming learning opportunities by Cathy Fosnot, Peter Liljedahl and others.

PD Resources contains videos, podcasts, and other resources for all grades. Podcasts on Building Strategies for Multiplication and Problem Solving for PAT Success will be added shortly.

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