Happy 2011-12 – A year full of new learning opportunities!

Photo: UDL facilitators and presenters

In August we hosted a summer institute on Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

UDL is an approach to curricular design and educational practice that leverages technology in shaping inclusive 21st century educational environments as proposed in Action on  Inclusion. This three day institute provided a unique and exciting opportunity for Alberta educators to learn about UDL from its founder, Dr. David Rose and his colleague, Grace Meo. The institute is modeled after the UDL Institute at Harvard University, which Dr. Rose has been leading for the past several years. It focused on providing practical connections between the principles of UDL and current Alberta initiatives and practices. Thank you to the participants representing 32 districts/organizations, the facilitators and presenters (in this picture) who engaged in the learning and dialogue.

Visit the conference wiki at Alberta UDL Summer Institute - Making Connections to access presentations. ARPDC is developing an inclusive education pd resources website that will host the repackaged UDL institute materials - including videos of the presentations. The website will be launched this fall.