Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

TPACK is a general approach to effective technology integration that works with any type of instructional planning. It is a learner-centered, outcomes-based planning approach in which technology supports learners meeting the outcomes in ways that make the most sense. As illustrated in the graphic, there are areas where Technological Knowledge (TK) intersects with Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) and/or Content Knowledge (CK).

In order to teach about/model the use of this framework, you will notice that advertised ERLC summer sessions that include technology integration now carry the TPACK logo with the appropriate section highlighted, to demonstrate where that session MOST correlates to the TPACK model.

This framework helps us to focus on designing learning and planning instruction by concentrating on the learning goals first, using them to inform pedagogical decisions, considering the specific content knowledge necessary and finally, deciding on how technology can best be used to support student intellectual engagement. It is important to emphasize that these spheres of knowledge are NOT separate entities…they are all interrelated. The TPACK framework is helpful in thinking about the dynamics of those interrelationships. To learn more about TPACK, see: