A gift of learning...

Photo: New PD Resources

Professional Development Resources are intended to support opportunities to "continue the conversation" with respect to various selected learning opportunities. Most often PD resources are archived webinars with conversation guides (sample conversation guide) or professional development/workshop resources (sample text PD resources) intended for leaders to facilitate district/job embedded learning opportunities.

All materials on the site are aligned with Alberta program of studies, were developed by Alberta educators and are intended to support implementation.

Who are PD Resources intended for?

PD resources are intended for: instructional coaches, consultants, administrators, PLC groups and teachers/teacher leaders.

PD resources can also support individual self-motivated learners who wish to continue their learning Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace

What types of resources are available?

  • Webinars
    Short for web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation or workshop that is transmitted over the web. After a webinar is presented it will be archived for access by all. Many archived webinars include a “conversation guide” that are intended for pd leaders to facilitate ongoing conversations.
  • Videos
    Advisory committee members have guided ERLC into video production! The request to see/hear implementation in action is the intent of the videos on the site at this time. Most videos represent promising practices and include “conversation guides” for continued conversation at your site.
  • External Websites/Documents
    An external website/document is indicated by the arrow in the thumbnail. These materials are relevant for PD leaders and link to some of the PD resource materials available on other sites.  
  • Workshop Materials
    Facilitator guides, facilitator resources and participant handouts are “text” PD resources that were developed to assist PD leaders/consultants with materials suitable for workshop presentations. The materials in this section also include other text PD resources like the social studies poster, and conversation guides for FNMI papers.