Partners in Adult Learning for Students' Sake

Photo: Math Advisory Committee 2010-2011

Happy new school year! We look forward to learning from you about how we can best meet your adult learning needs. Based on the mission and goals of ERLC and intent of the Guide to Comprehensive PD planning, we value the time district representatives can attend advisory committee meetings and offer direction and advice. This month, eight different advisory committee meetings will occur with meeting summaries providing direction for program planning. Besides seeking input and suggestions, one of the key outcomes of the meetings is to provide an opportunity for district leaders to network and collaborate, focused on ideas to support implementation.

On September 8, 2010, the math advisory committee met with representatives from all 18 districts in the region as well as partners such as the Alberta Teachers' Association Mathematics Specialist Council (MCATA) and the Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC). Thanks to all districts that continue to provide ERLC with advice and direction, and when possible attend advisory committee meetings (in person or via videoconference!). The math advisory committee was a "Slam Dunk" for ERLC having all 18 districts represented! Please continue to advise us on your adult learning needs.