CTF/CTS: Teachers and Students - Partners in Practice

Louis St. Laurent and Harry Ainlay High Schools in Edmonton co-hosted the annual CTF/CTS Professional Learning Day on Friday, January 26, 2018. 

The theme this year was “Teachers and Students - Partners in Practice” and presenters were invited to consider student voice and the power of stories in their session design. We know that stories serve as a unique kind of glue, lingering with us long after the facts and formulas fade away.

Our Keynote speakers were Dayton Block, a Welding Apprentice teacher from St. Joseph High School, and one of his students’ Simon St. Pierre. The two shared how their relationship, based on trust and honesty, has evolved over time and how that has attributed to a very authentic learning experience for Simon.

The CTF and CTS curricula were designed to encourage and value students to be co-designers in learning. Authentic learning happens when students and teachers work together to co-create education. In authentic and effective partnerships, “both students and teachers as learners as well as teachers; bring different but comparably valuable forms of expertise to bear on the educational process."

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