CTF/CTS: Student-Centred = Student Success

St. Francis Xavier and Jasper Place High Schools in Edmonton, co-hosted the annual CTF/CTS Professional Learning Day on Friday, January 27, 2017. Our theme this year was CTF/CTS: Student-Centred = Student Success. Two graduates shared their stories about how  taking CTS courses have impacted their lives and their careers.

We know that if we ask any group of teachers they will report that the most frequently asked question in their classrooms is, "When are we ever gonna use this?" In many classes, the honest answer is usually, "Maybe when you get to post secondary." But in the real world?

In CTF and CTS classes, students learn skills that will help them prepare for stable careers and success in a modern, global, and competitive economy. A student who wants a future in architecture doesn't question his first drafting course in high school. One interested in aerospace sees value in her introduction to an engineering design class.

The CTF and CTS curriculum gives students opportunities for skill-building for careers and is meant to be a coherent pathway starting in high school and transitioning into authentic technical education options and credentials at the post secondary level.