Alberta Education Provincial Curriculum Development Engagement Session


It is an exciting time in our province as Alberta Education begins work toward developing a student-centered provincial curriculum that will enrich students’ lives and prepare them for careers in an ever changing global landscape.

Alberta’s K-12 Provincial Curriculum Development Process includes three key phases: Shaping, Developing and Implementing.  As part of the Shaping Phase, Alberta Education is providing opportunities for reflective feedback in Face to Face Collaborative Conversations hosted by Consortium staff and through the active engagement  in a Provincial Curriculum survey from all stakeholders, including First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Francophone stakeholders, related to the strengths and areas for improvement in current curriculum.

The ERLC is providing facilitated discussions and collaborative conversations focusing on subject disciplines to enrich the quality of responses to the survey questions.   

For more information, go to: Provincial Curriculum Development Stakeholder Engagement