Provincial Curriculum Development Engagement Session - An Opportunity for Collaborative Conversations


Alberta Education is conducting an analysis of strength and gaps within current curriculum in order to help inform the development of future curriculum in the following subjects:

  • Arts Education;      
  • Language Arts (English, Français, French Language Arts);
  • Mathematics;
  • Science;
  • Social Studies; and
  • Wellness Education (Career and Life Management, Health and Life Skills, Physical Education).

As part of this analysis, Alberta Education is conducting an online curriculum survey, available in English and French, on the Alberta Education website commencing in October 2016.

As well, the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia will organize and lead face-to-face sessions in your region in the fall, targeting to start after the first week of October 2016. These sessions will allow participants to discuss questions in the online survey.  

Curtis Clarke, PhD Deputy Minister of Education

Timelines for  Curriculum Development

  • Kindergarten to Grade 4 by end of 2018
  • Grade 5 to 8 by end of 2019
  • Grade 9 and High School developed in phases from 2020 to 2022
  • Current curriculum remains in effect until new curriculum is implemented
  • Implementation dates have yet to be set