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The Wellness Resiliency and Partnership (WRap) project is a provincial project supporting Jr/Sr high schools students who are diagnosed with FASD. Success Coaches use a wraparound model to support students to set and achieve academic goals, be engaged students and nurture social, emotional and physical well being.


This PD resource addresses practical and promising approaches for developing supports and fostering relationships among students with and without significant disabilities both in the classroom and throughout their educational journey.


This PD resource examines how technology has transformed the educational landscape and continues to provide new options for differentiated instruction and supporting the participation of all students, including students with disabilities.


View these five videos to see how teachers across the province are using the 4-Blocks of Literacy to create accessible learning experiences for Grade 1 to 6 students with significant disabilities.

ERLC developed a range of practical Learning Guides entitled..."What does a school staff need to know about..." to support school administrators in the implementation of key Alberta Education initiatives.