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The Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) are pilot provincial assessment tools to identify student strengths and areas of growth at the start of the school year. The resources are meant to support implementation for 2015-2016.


This webinar series examines the principles of sound assessment practice on which rubrics must be designed in order for rubrics to achieve the intended goal of supporting student learning using the AAC resource "Building Better Rubrics".


Unit assessment plans in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 social studies model how to anchor a unit with performance assessment, and then to design instruction and formative assessment backwards from the end goal.

* Conversation guide available

This archived webinar provides a definition of assessment for learning and addresses the following questions: What does it look like? Why is it important? And How can it be used to improve student learning?

These workshop materials are intended for district leaders to lead conversations/workshops about basic principles of classroom assessment and how assessment practices can support building French language proficiency within the French as a Second Language Program of Studies.

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Everyday Assessment Tools for Teachers

AAC is a recognized education partner in the province of Alberta - an independent voice, providing informed responses to assessment topics that impact student learning.

with Sherry Bennett, AAC

This webinar highlights the essenntial links among curriculum, instruction, and assessment that are essential if we are to support students in their learning.

* Conversation guide available
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