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This website resource offers a collection of information, strategies and examples to support school and district leaders, professional development providers, and educational consultants who want to create and support effective communities of practices for K-12 educators. The goal of this website resource is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of current and future communities of practice.


This website resource offers information, strategies and references for school leaders and teachers working with students with significant disabilities. The information presented is a result of the learning which emerged from the work of the community of practice with inclusive education leaders across the province.

External Resource

As part of ASCA services, learning opportunities are provided through webinars. Regularly scheduled and topic relevant to parents and school councils in Alberta, here you can access recorded copies of past webinars, as well as webinar information.


This resource provides an explanation of FASD, its impact on the brain as well as explores behavioural patterns in students with FASD.

A series of guiding documents to implement literacy and numeracy programming aligned to new directions from Alberta Education.