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Date Title Location Course Code
Apr 21, 2017La numératie en immersion: un partenariat gagnant-gagnant entre langue et contenu with Monica TangEdmonton17-FR-152
Apr 21, 2017Supporting Adolescent Readers for Grades 7-9, 3-day Series with Sherri JohnstonEdmonton17-LI-107
Apr 21, 2017Supporting Gifted Learners - Why Do We Need Gifted Education? A Day with Dr. Linda Silverman with Linda SilvermanEdmonton17-IE-316
Apr 20, 2017If Our Child is so Smart, Why Aren't Our Lives Easier? An Evening with Dr. Linda Silverman with Linda SilvermanEdmonton17-PA-323
Apr 20, 2017A Community of Practice for Principals with Corrie ZieglerSpruce Grove17-LE-084
Apr 20, 2017Parlez! On vous écoute. Outils et stratégies d’évaluation de la composante orale with Monica TangEdmonton17-FR-151
Apr 19, 2017Webinar: Concept Development for Living Skills for Students with Vision Loss with Courtney Tabor-Abbott17-IE-288
Apr 19, 2017Evidence Based Decision Making with Corrie ZieglerMorinville17-DD-SSD-CZ-023
Apr 19, 2017CTF/CTS Community of Practice with Michele JonesEdmonton17-MT-321
Apr 19, 2017Inclusive Education: Design for the Diversity in Your Classroom with Karen Pedersen-BayusEdmonton17-IE-251
Apr 19, 2017Supporting Adolescent Readers Gr 7-9 with Sherri JohnstonHinton17-DD-GY-SJ-112
Apr 18, 2017Introducing the Gifted Index and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children: A Day with Dr. Linda Silverman with Linda SilvermanEdmonton17-IE-322
Apr 13, 2017ATA PD Chair Meeting with Therese deChamplain-Good and Michele Jones17-MT-320
Apr 13, 2017Playout Obstacle Course Races for Physical Education with Eddie KovelSt. Albert17-PE-238
Apr 12, 2017Designing a Classroom Accessible to All Learners based on the Three Block Model of UDL for Grades 7-12 with Colleen TeskeEdmonton17-IE-196
Apr 11, 2017Reggio Inspiration: A Three-Part Series with Donna Brown, Janice Comrie and Keri DevlinEdmonton17-EL-173
Apr 10, 2017Webinar: Test of Early Language and Literacy (TELL) Diagnostic Test Overview with Linda Phillips and Denyse HaywardWebinar17-LI-332
Apr 10, 2017Assessment Matters 3-day Series with Tim CoatesEdmonton17-AS-122
Apr 10, 2017Critical Thinking – Strategies for Supporting the Development of this Competency with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton17-CR-049
Apr 07, 2017Building Cultural and Global Citizenship with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton17-CR-102
Apr 06, 2017Technology Integration Community of Practice with Christine Quong and Nicole LakustaNisku17-MT-327
Apr 06, 2017Creating a Comprehensive Annual School or District Plan with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton17-CR-291
Apr 06, 2017Supporting Numeracy Development for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton17-IE-229
Apr 05, 2017Supporting Sexual and Gender Minority Youth and Considerations for Inclusive Practice with Melinda McNieEdmonton17-IE-236
Apr 05, 2017Project Based Learning (PBL) with a First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Focus with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton17-CR-063
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