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Dec 13, 2019Literacy Principles for Principals: Impacting Student Achievement with Susan Woo and Irene HeffelEdmonton20-LE-154
Dec 12, 2019Transitioning from School to Workplace or Post Secondary with Jacqueline MeeksWebinar20-IE-257
Dec 12, 2019BOOKSTUDY: Bruce Perry - The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog with Kessia BrenneisWebinar20-MH-236
Dec 12, 2019Supporting Numeracy Development for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton20-IE-051
Dec 10, 2019Strengthen computational thinking, coding and data science skills with Callysto's interactive notebook with David HayEdmonton20-CP-243
Dec 09, 2019Engaging math learners with technology; Equatio, Desmos, Geogebra, and more (7 - 12) with David MartinEdmonton20-MA-080
Dec 06, 2019Learner Assessment Branch: Using Alberta Education Provincial Achievement Testing Scoring Guides and Writing Exemplars with Harvey StablesLeduc20-AS-274
Dec 06, 2019Literacy Within and Across Disciplines: Elementary with Susan WooEnoch20-DD-EX-SW-012
Dec 06, 2019Learner Assessment Branch: Interpreting Provincial Achievement Test Results with Ray ShapkaLeduc20-AS-275
Dec 06, 2019Windows and Mirrors: A Hands-On-Books-Look at Multicultural Children’s Literature! with Lynn FarrugiaEdmonton20-LL-197
Dec 06, 2019Compréhension du Transfert d'Apprentissage • Making Sense of Learning Transfer (French Session) with Nathalie LauriaultLeduc20-FR-021
Dec 06, 2019The Neuropsychology of Mathematics with Steven FeiferEdmonton20-MA-094
Dec 05, 2019Digital Citizenship with Heather van StreunEdmonton20-TI-085
Dec 05, 2019The Neuropsychology of Reading and Written Language Disorders with Steven FeiferEdmonton20-LI-093
Dec 04, 2019Activating Metacognition to Create Meaningful Text Connections with Susan WooEdmonton20-LI-217
Dec 04, 2019Developing Better Readers Through Small Group Instruction, Grades 4-6 with Paddy ZadunayskiEdmonton20-LI-153
Dec 03, 2019Creating Cultures of Thinking Book Study with Michele JonesWebinar20-NC-240
Dec 03, 2019Catch Flipgrid Fever with Christine McKeeEdmonton20-TI-207
Dec 03, 2019Meeting the Needs of Learners Through Guided Reading, Grades 1-3 with Paddy ZadunayskiEdmonton20-LI-152
Dec 02, 2019Diving Deep into Inclusion with Shelley MooreDapp20-DD-PH-SM-004
Dec 02, 2019How Do I Get Them to Write? Writing Across the Curriculum with Karen FilewychEdmonton20-LI-212
Dec 02, 2019Place Value: A Critical Tool for Additive Thinking with Keith Van De KeereEdmonton20-MA-044
Nov 30, 2019Parlons français: Fall Boot Camp with Michelle De AbreuEdmonton20-FR-182
Nov 29, 2019Seven Sacred Teaching and Catholic Faith with Etienna Moostoos-LaffertySherwood Park20-DD-EIC-EML-251
Nov 29, 2019Literacy Within and Across Disciplines: Secondary with Susan WooEnoch20-DD-EX-SW-017
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