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Webinar: Audiological and Educational Needs of Students Who Have Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

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Facilitator(s): Mary Pat Moeller
Date:April 27, 2017
Time:3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
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Location: Virtual
Course code: 17-IE-310

Target Audience

Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Audiologists working with DHH students

About this learning opportunity

Mary Pat Moeller will be speaking about her on-going research on the auditory and educational impact of mild and mild to moderate hearing loss. She will be sharing information about the needs for devices (hearing aids, FM) as well as educational supports required in schools. Some of this  information has been shared at recent international conferences and some is still in the development as Dr. Moeller’s research in this area continues.

This learning opportunity is being provided through funding from Alberta Education.

About the facilitator(s)

Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D., is the Director of the Center for Childhood Deafness at Boys Town National Research Hospital (BTNRH) in Omaha, NE (USA). After many years of work in early intervention, she obtained a Ph.D. in child language and deafness at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She currently conducts National Institutes of Healthfunded research on language development in infants/children who are deaf or hard of hearing. She directed a team at BTNRH in the creation of a website ( devoted to the topic of newborn hearing screening and followup. Dr. Moeller has published and lectured internationally on topics related to early development in children with who are deaf or hard of hearing. She is co-principal investigator with Dr. Bruce Tomblin of a multi-state study on Outcomes of Children with Mild to Severe Hearing Loss. She has co-developed training and assessment materials for early interventionists.