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Designing Meaningful Teaching and Learning at Greystone Centennial Middle School – School Observation

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Facilitator(s): Students and Faculty of Greystone Centennial Middle School
Date:April 10, 2015
Time:8:00 am – 3:30 pm
$75.00 (CAD)
Location: Spruce Grove (Greystone Centennial Middle School)
130 Greystone Drive Spruce Grove, AB T7X 4P5
Course code: 15-CP-227

Target Audience

Teachers, Learning Coaches, School Leadership Teams, Administrators, Central Office Personnel, Ministry Staff

About this learning opportunity

Throughout the ten years that Greystone has been open, in partnership with the Galileo Educational Network, the focus at this middle school has been on fostering learning with deep understanding, improving teaching and learning, and providing students with the skills needed to navigate and be successful in an ever-changing world. Our emphasis is on developing strong thinking strategies, questioning skills, and meaningful reflection so that our learners, both adult and student, build  capacity for exploring their curiosity. The ten competencies, outlined by the Ministerial Order on Student Learning, are infused in the teaching and learning practices at Greystone.

During this School Observation, you will learn about our efforts to move from vision into action. You will have the opportunity to see in our classrooms the following teaching and learning practices:

  • Thinking Strategies
  • Socratic Circles
  • Co-creating Criteria
  • Assessment as Learning through ongoing Feedback Loops
  • Developing Guiding Questions to Ensure Intellectual Engagement that Drives Authentic Learning
  • Flexible Team Teaching  

You will hear presentations from our School Leadership Team on:

  • Innovation Week
  • School Leadership & Design - Flexible Scheduling, Looping, Shared Leadership
  • Collaborative Team Planning
  • A Student Group on Inquiry Based Learning

The day will include conversations and sharing about improving and reflecting upon teacher practice and you will see learning in action in Grade 5 to Grade 9 classrooms! In addition, time will be spent in roundtable discussions with open sharing from all participants in order to build our collective understanding.  

About the facilitator(s)

This School Observation Day will be led by Students and Faculty of Greystone Centennial Middle School (administration and teachers). With a priority on continued and collaborative learning, we look forward to this opportunity to learn with all of our attendees.  

Greystone Centennial Middle School is located in Spruce Grove, AB, approximately fifteen minutes west of Edmonton.

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