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Northwest Association of Teacher Educators (NWATE) 2012 Conference - Overhauling Pedagogy: Building Success for Learning

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Facilitator(s): Multiple Presenters
Date:June 01, 2012
Time:8:00 am – 5:00 pm
$25.00 (Grad Students)
Location: Edmonton (ATA Barnett House)
11010 - 142 Street NW
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Course code: 12-CP-324

Target Audience

Teachers, professors, graduate students, school leaders - all those who are interested in teacher education at both the pre-service and in-serivce level

About this learning opportunity

This conference is intended for all who wish to (1) improve teacher education in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States through the cooperation of all personnel engaged in such work; (2) encourage experimentation, investigation, and research directly related to the problems of teacher education including professional experiences; and (3) cooperate with all areas and organizations participating in teacher education.

We believe teacher education should move education from object of change to change agent and that our goals should be to (1) advance knowledge about teacher education, (2) encourage scholarly inquiry related to teacher education, and (3) promote the use of research to improve teacher education so as to serve the public good.

These foci demand consideration of three components – self-knowledge, sensitivity to the needs of others, and increased skill and knowledge associated with effective pedagogy. Starratt (2004) speaks of three foundational virtues – responsibility, authenticity, and presence. These powerful heuristics have generated, and should continue to generate, our considered research discourse and theorizing. Our need to genuinely improve teacher education has not diminished.

Accordingly, this year’s conference is a conversation focused on four sub-themes (1) purposeful pedagogy, (2) action research and sound practice; (3) building practitioner voice and authority; and (4) ways of knowing. These four sub-themes will become the structures for our continuing discussion as teacher educators as we engage in ethical and thoughtful leadership.


Opening Keynote “The Radical Future of Teacher Education” with

Phil McRae, Executive Staff Officer with the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Phil is a Canadian educator, scholar, and interdisciplinary explorer in the field of education and a regular keynote speaker. His conversation with us will explore the impact of social trends and technological innovation on the future of teaching and teacher education. Dr. Phil McRae is an Executive Staff Officer.

Featured Speakers

1) Ray Wolpow (Department Chair of Secondary Education and Director, Northwest Center for Holocaust, Genocide and Ethnocide Education at Western Washington University) will lead a conversation about “Compassionate Schools, Compassionate Teachers and the Need for Educator Training in Trauma and Self-Care.”

2) Hetty Roessingh (Professor, University of Calgary) will discuss “Overhauling Pedagogy: Building Success for Learning Diversity.” Her presentation focuses on service learning as a framework for operationalizing broad principles of effective teacher preparation.

3) Lorraine Beaudin (Assistant Dean, Field Experiences at the University of Lethbridge) will lead a conversation titled “Enhancing Understanding: Clarifying Teacher Mentor Roles in the Education of Pre-Service Teachers.”

4) Bonnie Watt-Malcolm (Associate Professor of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta) will discuss “Bridging from one, two, or more careers to the Teaching Profession: Implications for Teacher Education.”

5) Jim Parsons (Professor of Secondary Education) and Kelly Harding (Associate Principal of Centre High School, Edmonton Public Schools) will discuss “Bridging Research to Practice in Teacher Education: The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) and Implications for Teacher Education.”

6) Kurtis Hewson (University of Lethbridge) and Lorna Adrian (Livingstone Range) will lead a discussion on "Teacher as Researcher: The Self-education and Empowerment of Teachers who Research."

7) University of Alberta graduate students conversations include Mildred T. Masimira (“Negotiating Liminal Spaces: Purposeful Pedagogy in Diverse Classrooms”); Justine Nabaggala (“Developing Pedagogical Structures and Strategies that Respect Diverse Ways of Knowing”); and Jeff Kuntz (“Six Critical Factors for Long-term Success in Teaching.")

8) Sharen Kucey (Aspen View School Division) and Shannon Nichols (Calgary Girls School) will discuss “Collaboration in Teacher Education”.

9) Kathleen Cowin, Oregon State University, will discuss “To Know is Not Enough: A Call to Action Using Data from Student Teachers to Inform Teacher Education”

10) Colin Saby and Clive Hickson (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Services, University of Alberta), from the University of Alberta, will discuss “The Pedagogy of Wellbeing.”

11) Colin Saby and Clive Hickson (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Services, University of Alberta), from the University of Alberta, will discuss “Inclusive Pedagogy for Physical Education.”

12) Fran Sherwood (Professor of Early Childhood Education, Eastern Washington University) will lead a conversation on “Student Voice in a Learning Paradigm in Early Childhood Education.”

13) Dawn Wiseman, Tracy Onuczko, Florence Glanfield, Alvine Mountain Horse, and Stephanie Appelt will discuss “Inviting preservice teachers to consider a space for the integration of Indigenous perspectives in the science classroom: Conversations emergent from an attempted change in practice in preservice education.”

14) Shelley Dubkin-Lee (Oregon State University) will discuss “What my students taught me about how teachers change lives: a new approach to pedagogy in the preparation of teachers.”

Closing International Panel Discussion: “The International Inclusive Teacher Education Research Forum (IIETRF) and Innovative Reform in Teacher Education.”

Tim Loreman (Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)

Cheryl Crocker (MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada)

Ron Smith (Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Joanne Deppeler (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

Phyllis Jones (University of South Florida, Tampa, USA)

The International Inclusive Teacher Education Research Forum (IITERF), formed in Hong Kong in 2006, is a group of teacher educators from around the world interested in collaborative research and knowledge mobilization in inclusive teacher education. The work of the IITERF centers on the theoretical and practical issues of preparing teachers to address diversity, based on the premise that inclusive school systems that adopt practices that benefit a diverse range of learners ultimately benefit all learners and reduce the likelihood of educational exclusion. This panel discussion will highlight the work and focus of the Forum’s current and future directions.

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