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Science Gizmos – Ready-to-Use, Interactive, Computer-based Simulations for your Classroom! Grades 4-12 (via videoconference only)

Facilitator(s): Elsie Rivard
Date:January 27, 2011
Time:4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Location: Virtual
Course code: 11-SC-303

Target Audience

Grade 4-12 Science Teachers, Science Curriculum Coordinators, IT Staff, and/or Administrators

About this learning opportunity

Alberta Education has added even more science GizmosTM! Approximately 200 Gizmos are available online via, with coverage in life science and biology, earth and space science and physical science topics. These interactive online simulations are powerful teaching and learning tools that engage students and allow for the seamless integration of instructional technology. Their easy-to-use format makes them practical and efficient as well as effective. Students manipulate key variables, generate and test hypotheses, and engage in extensive "what-if" experimentation. Gizmos supplement and enhance your instruction with powerful interactive visualizations of science concept development. Every Gizmo includes a Teacher Guide with suggested inquiry-based activities and background content information, Student Exploration Guide with Answer Key, Vocabulary Sheet, and Assessment Questions with instant feedback to check for understanding. The interactive simulations allow for an infusion of technology into the Elementary and Secondary Science programs. Science Gizmos work well for teachers using SMART Boards.

Participate in the interactive video conference to learn how to use these interactive tools in your classroom. This initial training workshop is designed to prepare you to use Gizmos immediately in your classrooms. An experienced Gizmo trainer will lead you through a training experience that includes modeled inquiry-based Gizmo lessons, guided instruction, and hands-on practice with Gizmos and There will be time to search for Gizmos to match your program of study. Login required. Please see related documents for Login information.

Interested in previewing a Gizmo?

  • Physical Science: Grades 4-8: Circuit Builder; Grade 9-12: Fan Cart Physics;
  • Chemistry: Grade 9-12: Electron Configuration;
  • Life Science: Grades 4-8: Growing Plants; Grade 9-12: Photosynthesis Lab;
  • Earth and Space Science: Grades 4-8: Phases of the Moon; Grade 9-12: Seasons in 3D

About the facilitator(s)

Elsie Rivard is a National Training Consultant with ExploreLearning. As a former Minnesota (USA) science classroom teacher, she understands the importance of preparing teachers for their important role of making a difference in students' lives. She seeks to inspire adults and students to acquire a lifelong passion to pursue learning in science through the use of technology and inquiry strategies. Ms. Rivard, who holds a Masters in Science Education, has been recognized for her professional achievements including a listing for 2000 and 2005 in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. She has worked with teachers in three Canadian provinces, 40 USA states, and four additional international sites. She also has helped with the development and design of innovative technology-based science curriculum.