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Teaching Tips—New to Health Pathways? Part 2 of 2

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Facilitator(s): Tracy Dalton
Date:October 13, 2010
Time:4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: Virtual
Course code: 11CARC-Oct 13

About this learning opportunity

Are you offering courses in the four Health Pathways Occupational Areas: Recreation Leadership, Health Care Services, Health and Human Services and Community Care Services? Tracy will discuss the topics covered in her previous webinar (New to CTS? Teaching Tips Part 1 of 2) with a focus on the courses in the four Occupational Areas related to Health Pathways. Tracy will share her expertise as a Learning Leader with CBE during the Health Pathways pilot.

About the facilitator(s)

Tracy Dalton is currently a teacher at CBE-Learn, the Calgary Board of Education online school. She has taught at 6 different high schools in Calgary, in English, Physical Education, CALM, Sports Medicine, Work Experience and Legal Studies. She is currently working on two content development projects, including developing 5 online modules for the Health Pathway Sports Medicine specialization.