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Date Title Location Course Code
Apr 24, 2015Introduction de l\'apprentissage par projets with Charity AllenSt. Albert15-FR-183
Apr 23, 2015Digital Citizenship: Integrating The 9 Elements into Your Teaching Practice Webinar with Salima Hudani15CRC - Apr 23
Apr 23, 2015Teacher Talks 2014-15: Enhancing Teacher Professional Practice- Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom with Allison McCafferyWebinar15LN - Apr 23 15
Apr 22, 2015De la bibliothèque au carrefour d\'apprentissage (webinaire partie 1) with Sylvie HacheyWebinar15CPFPP - Apr 22
Apr 21, 2015De la bibliothèque au carrefour d\'apprentissage (webinaire partie 1) with Sylvie HacheyWebinar15CPFPP - Apr 21
Apr 20, 2015Moving Forward with High School Redesign – A Learning Walkthrough with Mother Margaret Mary High School TeamEdmonton15-CR-239
Apr 20, 2015De la bibliothèque au carrefour d\'apprentissage with Sylvie HacheyEdmonton15CPFPP Apr 20
Apr 17, 2015Band - Success for All Students: Exploring Differentiated Instruction with Louise OslandMorinville15-DD-AB-LO-003
Apr 17, 2015Conversations with Readers and Writers with Keri Busenius and Anne MuirEdmonton15-LI-004
Apr 16, 2015Mission Possible: The Role of the Learning Commons in Tomorrow\'s SchoolsRed Deer15CARC - Apr 16
Apr 16, 2015SMART Boards for Beginners with Karla HoltEdmonton15-TI-072
Apr 16, 2015STAR - Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) - Are You Ready For September 2015? with Louise OslandLeduc15-DD-STA-LO-007
Apr 15, 2015Developing Strategic Readers: Thinking Processes K-3 with Karen LoerkeEdmonton15-LI-044
Apr 14, 2015Webinar Series: Inclusion Strategies for Diverse Learners with Les Redick and Kim TackaberryWebinar15CRC - Apr 2015
Apr 14, 2015 Penny Kittle - Leading Students to Craft Writing with Increasing Skill and Independence with Penny KittleEdmonton15-LI-176
Apr 13, 2015 Assistive Technology - Supporting Struggling Readers through Technology with Nicole LakustaEdmonton15-TI-102
Apr 13, 2015Penny Kittle - Engaging All Students in Increasingly Complex Reading with Penny KittleEdmonton15-LI-175
Apr 13, 2015Transforming School Culture with Anthony Muhammad, PhDRed Deer15CARC - Apr 13-14
Apr 10, 2015Les Gizmos d’ExploreLearning, 10e à 12e with Renée MichaudEdmonton15-FR-231
Apr 10, 2015Designing Meaningful Teaching and Learning at Greystone Centennial Middle School – School Observation with Students and Faculty of Greystone Centennial Middle School Spruce Grove15-CP-227
Apr 10, 2015Success for English Language Learners through Differentiation with Shelley Fairbairn, Ph.D and Stephaney Jones-Vo, M.A.Edmonton15EPSB - Apr 10 2015
Apr 10, 2015Les maths, mettant en vedette le concret et l’imagé, 7e à 9e with Renée MichaudEdmonton15-FR-230
Apr 09, 2015Le sens du nombre par le jeu, 4e à 6e with Renée MichaudEdmonton15-FR-229
Apr 09, 2015Le sens du nombre par le jeu, Maternelle à 3e with Renée MichaudEdmonton15-FR-228
Apr 09, 2015iPads and Inquiry Based Learning with Karla HoltEdmonton15-TI-070
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