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Oct 21, 2014Using Data to Help you Achieve the Vision of Inspiring Education with Louise OslandEdmonton15-CR-036
Oct 21, 2014Planning Effective Instruction for English Language Learners: ADVANCED (3-Part Webinar Series) with Carol BerndtWebinar15CRC - Oct 21
Oct 21, 2014First Nations, Metis and Inuit Children - Understanding My Child\'s School with Doris GladueHinton15-AB-148
Oct 21, 2014Connecting the Dots: Finding Links Between Key Components of Inspiring Education with Louise OslandEdmonton15-CR-035
Oct 21, 2014A Supported Approach to Writing K-1 with Wendy Legaarden and Judy BourassaEdmonton15-LI-015
Oct 21, 2014Action Institutes at Michael Strembitsky School for Kindergarten and Division 1 with Michael Strembitsky School Division One Teachers and School AdministratorsEdmonton15-CR-060
Oct 21, 2014Creating Invincible Youth - Developing Resiliency Capacity with Derek PetersonEdmonton15-IE-123
Oct 20, 2014Transforming School Libraries for the 21st Century Learner (Webinar Series) with Linda Shantz-KeresztesWebinar15CRC - Oct 6 20 27
Oct 20, 2014GAFE - Google Workout with Nicole LakustaEdmonton15-TI-099
Oct 17, 2014What is CTF? (Career & Technology Foundations)Edmonton15-CT-066
Oct 16, 2014iPads and Inquiry Based Learning with Karla HoltEdmonton15-TI-069
Oct 16, 2014Observing Cross-Disciplinary Projects and Collective Inquiry at Michael Strembitsky School with Michael Strembitsky School Teachers and AdministratorsEdmonton15-CR-063
Oct 16, 2014Unit Building in Language Arts for Project-Based Learning Grades 1-9 with Irene HeffelEdmonton15-LI-021
Oct 15, 2014Developing Awareness and Understanding of Alberta\'s Cross-Curricular Competencies Through the Current Programs of Study with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton15-CR-033
Oct 15, 2014Vocabulary and Spelling in Oral Language, Reading and Writing Word Study with Wendy Legaarden and Judy BourassaEdmonton15-LI-014
Oct 14, 2014GAFE Communication - Google Apps for Education with Kenton HemsingEdmonton15-TI-103
Oct 09, 2014An Introduction to Understanding & Using the Alberta K-12 English Language Proficiency Benchmarks (ESL/ELL): 3-Part Webinar Series with Bebe VocongWebinar15CRC - Oct 9
Oct 09, 2014SMART Boards for Early Literacy and Numeracy with Karla HoltEdmonton15-TI-067
Oct 09, 2014The ABC\'s of K-1 Word Study: Phonemic Awareness in Oral Language, Reading and Writing with Wendy Legaarden and Judy BourassaEdmonton15-LI-013
Oct 08, 2014Parkland - More Additive Thinking with Keith Van De KeereStony Plain15-DD-PSD-KV-003
Oct 08, 2014Developing Numerate Students with Debbie DuvallEdmonton15-MA-113
Oct 08, 2014Enhancing Instructional Leadership/Coaching Skills: Learning-Focused Relationships with Laura LiptonEdmonton15-LE-024
Oct 08, 2014Starting with a Plan...Comprehensive Literacy Planning Grades 1-3 with Wendy Legaarden and Judy BourassaEdmonton14-LI-272
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