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In recent weeks, ERLC has posted new learning opportunities and professional development resources that are intended to support implementation.

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As “partners in adult learning for students’ sake”, we can make meaningful and measurable improvements in our classrooms.

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This video explores the the central role that stories hold in First Nations, Métis and Inuit world views, and how stories reflect our universal experience.
This learning playlist is for school-based administrators to use with their staff to develop and enhance FNMI cultural awareness. Specifically, it provides information, strategies and resources to promote successful transitions in support of...
Mathematics Newsletters for Parents are intended to be shared in school newsletters and assist with awareness and understanding of the new math program.
This archived webinar provides an overview of the provincial programs of study for Spanish.
What are the big ideas you should bring to students’ attention when teaching Math in Division 1? How do they link to curriculum? How do teachers ask those critical questions that help students see those ideas? This webinar series explores...
In this video, teachers are reflecting about how inquiry in Social Studies has impacted their teaching practice.
Dwayne Donald addresses the ideas of identity, citizenship and nation within the Canadian context from the First Nations perspective.
SMART Notebook 11 offers new features for enhanced interactivity, creativity and collaboration among students and teachers. This collection of 4 videos introduce and describe how to use these new features to support student learning through...

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Inclusive Education PD Resources

The goal of an inclusive education system is to provide all students with meaningful learning opportunities and supportive learning environments to enable them to be successful. This website provides a variety of PD Resources for Inclusive Education.

Inclusive Education

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Curriculum Redesign

Looking for resources to enhance your understanding of Curriculum Redesign as envisioned in Inspiring Education? ARPDC has created a collaborative space to share an ongoing collection of resources to support implementation.

Curriculum Redesign

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