Learn about literacy and communication instruction for students with significant disabilities with Jane Farrall!

We are inviting all professionals who support the development of literacy and communication skills of students with significant cognitive disabilities to join Jane in Edmonton on December 3 & 4, 2018.

This will be Jane’s first visit to western Canada and a unique opportunity to learn more about literacy and communication instruction for both emergent and early conventional readers and writers.

All students, including students with significant cognitive disabilities, deserve an opportunity to develop their literacy skills to their maximum potential. These workshops will provide practical ideas and strategies to make that happen!

Day One: Dec 3, 2018

·         Foundations of emergent literacy

·         Shared Reading

·         Three areas of Emergent Writing

·         Letters and Sounds

·         Independent Reading

DAY Two: Dec 4, 2018

·         Comprehension

·         Working with Words

·         Self-selected Reading

·         Writing Instruction


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