Educational Change and School Leadership – Why Technology is Essential in Supporting 21st Century Learners

“Ultimately, the power of technology should be harnessed to support innovation and discovery, not simply aid teaching. We need to engage learners to use these new technologies as designers and creators of knowledge”. Inspiring Education

Dr. Dave Edyburn shares his expertise  about implications and challenges of technology and educational change in 9 short video clips. These professional learning resources are video clips and accompanying learning guides designed for use by learning communities, learning coaches, teacher leaders and post secondary teacher education faculty or as a self-paced study to explore how technology can support student success. Each learning guide is linked to one of the five policy directions from the Alberta Education's Learning and Technology Policy Framework.

Dr. Edyburn Professional Learning Video Clips and Learning Guides available at Educational Change and Leadership.

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This will take you to the Learn Alberta science gizmo page which houses almost 200 science gizmos. Please note that to access this gizmo you must be signed in. For more information about using Learn Alberta see...
The Learning through Play academic round table, held on Oct.15, 2010, provided an opportunity to discuss current research and assist the Early Learning Branch in developing key messages about learning through play to facilitate a greater...
This archived webinar provides an overview of the provincial programs of study for Spanish.
The Benchmarks Project combines the research of historians and educators with the experience and skills of classroom teachers to create practical ways of encouraging promoting and assessing students’ historical thinking in classroom settings.
Inclusion in the Early Years: Provincial Promising Practices Symposium was held December 6, 2010. This page provides links to resources and information you may find helpful to support your work in providing inclusive, play-based early learning...
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Presenters at the First Google™ Apps for Education: Alberta Summit held February 25 and 26, 2013 have shared resources from their sessions.
This webinar highlights the essenntial links among curriculum, instruction, and assessment that are essential if we are to support students in their learning.
This PD resource examines how and why technology is essential for helping 21st century learners achieve academic success. In these nine video clips, Dr. Dave Edyburn discusses the implications and challenges of technology and educational change.

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