Start your 2016-2017 school year on the right track!

Join us for our September professional learning sessions that highlight innovation, focus on student-centred teaching, embed technology as an educational tool, strengthen promising practices, and build leadership capacity. We are committed to the highest quality, current-research based teaching and learning practices in support of student learning.

We wish you all a successful year of learning and working together in fulfilling our mission "Partners in Adult Learning for Students’ Sake".



How Can Project Based Learning Support the Designing of Career and Technology Foundations Challenges or Tasks? 2 days




Grades K-6 District Literacy Coaches Collaboration Day


Developing and Supporting a Strategic Reader: Strategies for Educational Assistants, Grades 1-6


Project Based Learning (PBL) Two Day Workshop, Grades 1-12 2 days

Using TouchChat on Communication Devices





KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) - Are You Ready to Teach a CTF Challenge or Task?



Enseigner et évaluer la créativite & L'innovation



Learning with Technology: Achieving the Vision of Student-Centred Learning

PEERS Follow Up and Creating a Community of Practice


Learning Commons: Create, Transform and Nurture the Possibilities


Teaching and Learning in a Competency-Based Classroom within Alberta's Programs of Study – it's easier than you think!



Transforming Inclusive Education and Changing the Paradigm in Education

The Power of Formative Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom


Career and Technology Foundations (CTF): What are the Elements of Your School CTF Implementation Plan and Its Fidelity for All Students


Learner-centered Education Needs a Learning Commons

Supporting Implementation of Benchmark Assessment (First and Second Edition), Grades K-8


Making Math Contextual, Visual and Concrete with GAFE in Grades 7-12 Classrooms

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This video will provide an opportunity to reflect upon the kinds of questions you ask on a daily basis in your classroom and the responses you provide to student answers to your questions.

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Throughout the Moving Forward with High School Redesign initiative, Alberta Education will work alongside jurisdictions and schools in a coaching model designed to support continuous improvement in each school. This initiative...


This webinar will explore strategies that are research-proven for increasing reading and writing achievement.


This learning playlist centers on the theme of Leadership. In addition to providing you access to the complete Facilitators Workshop Guide for FNMI Cultural Awareness for Administrators, it will also help you and your team answer...

The materials at this site are session presentations from the provincial learning opportunity focused on development of a collaborative framework intended to support FNMI student success.

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The LTPF Toolkit contains twenty distinct components flexibly designed to enable implementers to strategically select and apply particular elements to suit local implementation needs.


This website will provide opportunities to expand your understanding of literacy and numeracy practices from First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives and gain tools and strategies to support First Nations, Métis...


This video shows how to customize the Lesson Activity Toolkit in Notebook 10. 


This session will explore strategies that are research-proven for math achievement. You will learn the methods for implementing and assessing the progress of these strategies.

Inclusion in the Early Years: Provincial Promising Practices Symposium was held December 6, 2010. This page provides links to resources and information you may find helpful to support your work in providing inclusive, play-based...


This video shows how to use layers in Notebook 10 to create interactivity in your lesson.


Tips for parents about the revised math curriculum, and how you can support your child at home. This resource is for parents to help them understand the changes to the way math is being taught.

Empowering the Spirit

Empowering the Spirit

This website provides opportunities to expand your understanding of literacy and numeracy practices from First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives and gain tools and strategies to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit and all students' success in your community.

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Literacy for All

Literacy for All

The purpose of this web site is to provide information and strategies for teachers in Alberta who want to learn more about literacy and communication instruction for students with significant disabilities. Much of this content has been co-developed with participants of the Literacy for All communities of practice.

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Learning For All

Learning for All

This website resource offers information, strategies and references for school leaders and teachers working with students with significant disabilities. The information presented is a result of the learning which emerged from the work of the community of practice with inclusive education leaders across the province.

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