Preparing for Fall 2014 Grade 3 SLA’s (Pilot)

The following information is for administrators, teachers and parents concerning the Pilot Student Learning Assessments (SLA) in Grade 3.

Grade 3 students are piloting SLAs for the 2014-15 school year, with assessments running from September 29 to October 24, 2014.



Video: Preparing to administer the Fall 2014 Grade 3 Alberta SLA

Website – Alberta Assessment Consortium: Support for Student Learning Assessments (SLA) (AAC)


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Proven effective strategies for learning basic math facts are explored under the premise that a strong grasp of basic facts allows students to manipulate numbers mentally.
This archived two part webinar series is about the book ‘fatty legs’ which shares the story of Margaret’s experience in a residential school.
Mathematics Newsletters for Parents are intended to be shared in school newsletters and assist with awareness and understanding of the new math program.
This is an image of the social studies poster created to share a visual message about the new program. Copies of the full size poster are available from the consortium in your region.
Literacy opens doors to the world.  It is the foundation for continuous learning and a vital characteristic of the highly skilled population needed for Alberta's next generation economy.
In an earlier in person session, Cathy Fosnot used digital video of children at work in grade 3-5 classrooms to examine the development of the big ideas, strategies, and models related to a deep understanding of multiplication and division. These...
The Alberta Program of Studies for Mathematics includes information on seven mathematical processes that reflect the philosophy of teaching mathematics and are intended to inform classroom practice. This resource provides ideas on how to implement...
This three-part webinar series provides extended learning for group members who have participated in previous Leading Groups sessions with Laura Lipton and includes the following topics: Seven Qualities of High Performing Groups, Mapping Backwards...

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