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In recent weeks, ERLC has posted new learning opportunities and professional development resources that are intended to support implementation.

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This video features First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists, educators and scholars sharing their perspectives of how the tradition of storytelling permeates their cultures and world views.
A string of problems, based on the work of Cathy Fosnot, designed to help students develop a strategy for the 7x facts based on what they know about the 5x facts. This would also be good for teachers to share with parents. 
Two more strings of problems, using an open number line model, based on the work of Cathy Fosnot are used to demonstrate how number strings can help support students as they develop flexible, meaningful strategies for addition.
Proven effective strategies for learning basic math facts are explored under the premise that a strong grasp of basic facts allows students to manipulate numbers mentally.
This video shows how to customize the pen settings in the pen tray on a Mac-based computer.
External Resource
This will take you to the Learn Alberta science gizmo page which houses almost 200 science gizmos. Please note that to access this gizmo you must be signed in. For more information about using Learn Alberta see...
This archived webinar will assist you in exploring practical strategies for explicit language instruction that can be embedded within the context of everyday learning experiences.
This video shows how to customize the Lesson Activity Toolkit in Notebook 10. 

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Inclusive Education PD Resources

The goal of an inclusive education system is to provide all students with meaningful learning opportunities and supportive learning environments to enable them to be successful. This website provides a variety of PD Resources for Inclusive Education.

Inclusive Education

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Curriculum Redesign

Looking for resources to enhance your understanding of Curriculum Redesign as envisioned in Inspiring Education? ARPDC has created a collaborative space to share an ongoing collection of resources to support implementation.

Curriculum Redesign

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