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In recent weeks, ERLC has posted new learning opportunities and professional development resources that are intended to support implementation.

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In this series of six video podcasts, you will examine specific apps and classroom practices designed to meet the different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy in ways that are consistent with TPACK and UDL principles.
A cross-curricular competency is an interrelated set of attitudes, skills and knowledge that are drawn upon and applied to a particular context for successful learning and living. They are developed by every student, in every grade and across every...
The French as a second language nine-year program of study prescribes what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level of language programming in Alberta schools. It is the primary reference for teachers as they plan for and...
This PD resource includes videos, tip sheets and learning guides. These resources are intended to support administrators and school leaders with creating inclusive environments.
This three-webinar series, focused on Early Literacy, covers creating Notebook lessons that address higher order thinking skills, critical thinking skills and assessment for learning.
This webinar explores what RTI is and provide information on effective implementation of the RTI framework.
The intent of this project is to build strong relationships and improved leadership skills among school leaders as well as to provide a clear focus on improving student learning by improving teacher practice and parental engagement. There are six...
This video shows you how to rename page in your Notebook file.

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Inclusive Education PD Resources

The goal of an inclusive education system is to provide all students with meaningful learning opportunities and supportive learning environments to enable them to be successful. This website provides a variety of PD Resources for Inclusive Education.

Inclusive Education

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Curriculum Redesign

Looking for resources to enhance your understanding of Curriculum Redesign as envisioned in Inspiring Education? ARPDC has created a collaborative space to share an ongoing collection of resources to support implementation.

Curriculum Redesign

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